Is that it? Patronizing the word as frequently as possible on people (with beautiful faces) that aren’t beautiful? Trust me, it is laborious for people like me to get through of all the misleading instagram filters to being called beautiful. Uh-oh.

What is beautiful? An overrated adjective that has confined our ideas of general recognition of beauty. We are in a time period where fallacy has come to define our opinions. A rose, for example. It is pretty, mind you, not beautiful. Because beauty is not merely comfort to the eyes. What may seem optimism might be the oblivion. And beauty does not offer pain(I’m referring to the prickles, here). The one which does, indicates forgery. To believe that everything that is charming is beautiful, would be a betrayal. But to what?? To the beauty that resides in you. Whose presence in your existence has made love affordable to you. In whose hideousness dwells its bright light. And when you realise how blinding a light does beauty emit, and does not need the former to intensify itself, you’ll know beauty.


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